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Hi everybody,

My blogspot blog was unintentionally "removed" yesterday, I am hoping we are soon able to get it recovered (4 years of stuff!)) or at least reestablished soon.  Just an FYI, do not delete ANY gmail accounts that might be associated with blogger, even if you don't use them, this WILL delete your blog, we found out the hard way...i had NEVER used a new gmail address that Google assigned me when my phone reset , so we had no idea that my blog which I started 4 years ago would be associated with a new address I don't use, never created myself.  The loss of more than 4 years of art, over 1000 cards and descriptions and tutorials, personal and family posts, and your readership and comments is really tough. :( 

Will update you all ASAP, thanks to those of you who've emailed me inquiring, hopefully with whatever the fix is will make any links you have to me functional again, please wait before the deleting them!... 

UPDATE: My blog is is fine!  We were able to send a request to Google to retrieve the deleted email account which put my blog back online.   I am leaving the discussion open instead of deleting however so you know what can happen and how to fix.  Thanks for your support and concern!

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My blog is back up, hip hip hurray!!!  thanks everyone for your concern and payers!  (blog candy soon to celebrate!) ;)

just saw this discussion thread - wow! glad to hear everything was restored.  going to check my google/gmail account now!

I love your wonderful site,  I do hope you can get it back?!

Oh Melanie - I am so sorry! I cannot imagine such a loss! I sure hope it can all be brought back!

Should have gone to the second page first - thank goodness it is back!

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