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Hi everybody,

My blogspot blog was unintentionally "removed" yesterday, I am hoping we are soon able to get it recovered (4 years of stuff!)) or at least reestablished soon.  Just an FYI, do not delete ANY gmail accounts that might be associated with blogger, even if you don't use them, this WILL delete your blog, we found out the hard way...i had NEVER used a new gmail address that Google assigned me when my phone reset , so we had no idea that my blog which I started 4 years ago would be associated with a new address I don't use, never created myself.  The loss of more than 4 years of art, over 1000 cards and descriptions and tutorials, personal and family posts, and your readership and comments is really tough. :( 

Will update you all ASAP, thanks to those of you who've emailed me inquiring, hopefully with whatever the fix is will make any links you have to me functional again, please wait before the deleting them!... 

UPDATE: My blog is is fine!  We were able to send a request to Google to retrieve the deleted email account which put my blog back online.   I am leaving the discussion open instead of deleting however so you know what can happen and how to fix.  Thanks for your support and concern!

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WOW!  This must have been very traumatic for your Melanie!  I am so sorry!  Thanks for the heads up and I hope all is reestablished for you SOON!!

Oh man alive, Melanie, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this awful situation. You had shared so much information with everyone on your blog and I surely hope it won't all be lost. Encouraging thoughts are headed your way........

I was wondering what happened, I follow your blog regularly and it seemed very strange that it just disappeared without warning.  I hope you are back up and running soon, I get so much inspiration from you!

I'm so sorry Melanie.  I hope that it can somehow be recovered.  I'll say a prayer that it can....

OMGoodness!!! This is horrible.  Keeping my fingers crossed that you'll be able to recover it all. 

sending comfort an prayers your way as they work through this!

Yes, I'm rooting for your site to be restored asap but you to have the comfort and peace of mind while it is being worked on! All our best to you, Melanie - could happen to anyone!

Am so sorry to learn of this.  I was shocked to get the message that your blog has been removed--it is one of my favorites I do hope you get it back  It must be floating around out there in cyber space somewhere!  Donna Troxel

How terrible for you, hopefully you'll get everything in order and back up asap. Take care.

Thanks everybody, I am hopeful after exchanging a few messages with Google that they can recover it but haven't heard back today, last night I filled out the form and paid the $3 to undelete the account (glad it wasn't a ton of money!), but haven't heard anything yet today.  Still praying it works and then that will fix everything...

So sorry!  Now, if we just knew  way to find out if we had other accounts.....

Hi Susan, It's only addresses linked to Google so there is a page you can go check your accounts listed and it will show the "primary".  You can delete the extra ones without any problem I think, but whatever is primary, you can't change another to primary, deleting that one I guess deletes everything.  I did know about the address but I didn't use it so I thought it would be cleaner better just to get rid of it if I wasn't using that or make the one I always used primary, kwim? So I don't think you have to worry you'll get rid of something you don't know is there by mistake,  we knew we were deleting the account, but had no idea it would affect other stuff.  My advice would be not to delete anything if you don't absolutely have to!  HTH!

Susan Sheahan said:

So sorry!  Now, if we just knew  way to find out if we had other accounts.....

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