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I am hoping to host a swap, we can even do two groups of 12 if necessary. One Cardmaker for each month of their birthday to sign up. Each month, whoevers birthday it is would receive a card from each other member of thier group. (you could even throw in a little package of embellishments if you wanted, completely up to the sender) I will list each month for the birthdays and if you want to join, add a reply and the first to fill thier "month" spot will get that spot. If we need to sign up another group or two, I"ll be happy to organize it. This is for the 2010 year.

Group 1

January - Gloria Westerman
February - Mary Sirls, Olga
April - Patti J
May - Amy, Samantha
June- Sally
July-Maria Levine
September- Kym Weber
October - Betty Benton, Barb
November - Kathy Adams, Seongsook
December - Nancybeth, Selma

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Nancy--I have been thinking of this group and I know there are some birthdays in July as well as some others in the future. Could you please either email us (for the emails that you have) or send us a message with the names, birthdays and addresses of the people who you have? I would really like to get some cards out.

Thanks and praying things are getting better for your family--Barb
My birthday's in March. : ) Would love to join this swap!!!
Is this swap still going? I never got the addresses, so I'm sorry to not be participating.
Hello, have you filled up group 1 yet? Are you starting a group 2? If so you can put me down for November 2010. Thanks

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