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I noticed Gina switched from the CuttleBug to the Big Shot. I was wondering why? Which is better?

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She stated she is liking it right now but still stated in her videos that she likes the cuttlebug.  The only advantage I see to the big shot is size.  I think you can put a larger sized item through it.  but I don't have one as I am a die hard cuttlebugger LOL

Thanks so much!

There are items you can cut with the Big Shot that the Cuttlebug will not cut.  One of fabric.  If you are quilter or like to use fabric on your cards, you can use the dies to cut it with the Big Shot.   Like Melissa said, larger items will fit through a regular Big Shot, one being a 6 X 6 sized embossing folder.  I always liked my Cuttlebug, but wanted to cut larger 5 X 7 inch dies, so I opted for a Big Shot Plus machine.  I use it all of the time, but still pull my Cuttlebug out for some things, one being the partial embossing.  I can't seem to make this happen easy with my Plus machine as I struggle holding the folder straight while pushing into the machine.  Lot's of choices on the market.

It's always good to know the pros and cons of any of these special tools because some of them are quite pricey. I'm a Cuttlebug person myself. I have one of the first generation Cuttlebugs and it keeps on keepin' on, and I love it. I got the Grand Calibur to have the larger plate option, but seldom use it. I had never tried cutting fabric with my Cuttlebug, so it's nice to know the Big Shot Plus will do that. Might be something to consider down the road even though I'm not a quilter. I'm still trying to decide if I want to invest in a Brother Scan 'n Cut, wondering how much I'd use it for the investment. 

I started with the cuttlebug and I still LOVE IT! ThermOWeb has a relationship with Sizzix so I had to use the Big Shot at CHA. I bought one to learn how to use it for the show and I really love it as well. Then, I found the magnetic plate for the Big Shot and so it became my favorite. NOW, there is a magnetic plate for the Cuttlebug so my love is once again equally divided. Either one is a win in my book! Go with what you like best based on looks, size, price, etc...

Thanks so much! I didn’t realize the Cuttlebug had a magnetic plate. Appreciate the good information!

Here is the link for the Cuttlebug magnetic plate.

The metal shim works great with the intricate dies in the Cuttlebug as well.

Judy, the regular sized Big Shot will cut fabric as well as any of the sizes they make.  I still love my Cuttlebug and pull it out at times.

I've cut fabric with my Cuttlebug, but it was just for pieces on a card, so not larger pieces like quilters might use.  I've got the same Cuttlebug I got many years ago and it still works.  There are occasions a larger area would be nice, but not too many.

Thank you Golda.  I had trouble with chipboard as it was way too thick, and with fleece.  The fleece left an imprint so I could use my scissors.  It is good to know that the Bug will handle regular fabric.

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