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Lengthy but please read because I need feedback big time.

So my husband called me tonight on his way home from work and said that our business tax obligation was less than half what he had estimated it would be.  He knows I've wanted to purchase some Copic Sketch markers for forever!  I've got a large set of Prismacolors which are great for one color coloring and I love the boldness of them.  I also have a nice set of the Bic Mark It's too that Gina uses and I equally love those.  It just depends on what I'm doing to decide which ones to use and for the most part, I don't delve into too much blending techniques because these two brands are not as friendly when it comes to that technique.  So...I downloaded an adorable fairy image and though I was able to color her dress pretty good with blending with Bics, the Bics, nor the Prismacolors had the right colors for the skin.  I went on ebay and bought a 6 pack skin tones set and WOW!  They are most DEFINITELY the Cadillac of markers.  I could not believe the ease and friendliness of them!  The skin on my fairy turned out wonderful!!!  (I attached a picture of her on my Smash Book) :-P

Anyway, with all of that said, my husband asked me how much they were.  I said, well, I know of three 72 piece sets that are available (I didn't realize that the D set was available yet) and expressed that they are roughly $350 per set.  He said to order all three!  So...I had to post here to find out what those who own some or all of them might suggest.  Is it worth me "big spending" and buying all of those three sets or not?  If not, how do I know which ones to buy?  I don't want to grow out of my initial purchase which is why I am currently leaning towards getting all three but at the same time, I don't want to purchase $1000 worth of markers that I may not use all of.  I am a super cautious shopper and depend on consumer reviews so hopefully I can get enough feedback from folks here and a couple of other resources that I can make a purchase I feel comfortable purchase.

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Popular skin colors in Copic markers - Chart:

great explanation of blending families and how to pick the colors that work together that may help in your color selections:

good luck - oh, did I mention that I'm totally jealous?!?  Have fun!

Wow Heather, you're one lucky lady! Like everyone else, I also like make sure I buy my supplies at the best possible price. Last Labor Day I had the chance to be stateside (I'm from Puerto Rico) and headed straight to Michaels with some cooupons to see what deals I can get. I was able to pick up 15 Copic Markers with a 20% off the entire purchase coupon. I felt I hit the jackpot, too bad I didn't have more $$$ on me :(. Luckily I had done my homework, I had my copic wish list and went to town. I follow Sharon Harnist's blog, Paperfections, and she has a list of her favorite colors which I downloaded and saved a copy on my phone, this way I always have it with me. also has a color collections list for Trios and Quads which you could also use to make your personal list, this way you buy what you know you will use and have $$$ left over for all the other goodies you must have.. Have fun shopping and crafting.
Wow Tracy! Thanks so much for the links! I have a pretty full art background so I think between that and all of this awesome advice and link, ill be "copicing" pretty good soon! :)
Sylvia thats awesome that you get to come here from Puerto Rico! If you haven't checked out a craft store called AC moore but can ever get to one, I think they are better than michaels. I have to drive an hour and a half to get to one so I don't get to go very often. Not sure if tey sell Copics or not but their paper crafting supplies are pretty good. I hope you can keep building your Copics! Thanks for the links too!

Off subject, what part of the states do you come to when you come visit?
Heather, when I do make it to the states its to visit family in Tampa or Orlando, Florida. I also have a brother in New Jersey, where I went for Labor Day. I have a sister in Arizona, but I haven't been able to go there and she'll be leaving soon for a five year stay in Argentina :(. Have fun with your "copicing" and have a great Sunday. Blessings to everyone.


I would suggest being selective with colours, you never need all the colours and blending can create the colours you don't have. thats a lot of money to spend on markers...

I know this is a late reply to this posting, but I wanted to give you an answer.  I've accumulated a large collection of copics over the years and love them.  Yes, they are expensive, but I feel they are worth it.  You get beautiful shading every time.  I'm currently using the "Swallowtail" stamp from Stampin' Up to make cards and my butterfly looks like it could fly off the page.   It takes some practice to get use to them but that's true of any new technique you try.  There are excellent materials to give you good directions on how to use them.  I hope you get them and are as happy with them as I am with mine.  Suzyque

I only had a set of 36 and liked the assortment in the set myself. I also found that one can use colors of similar shades to make new colors by blending on a piece of clear plastic or acetate. Color a circle of a darker color and then take a light color and pick up the darker color to create an inbetween shade. When you do that technique you will find you need less of each color pallette in your set. Hope you can understand what I mean.

I am in the same boat you are in girl! I always get daily coupons that are 40% off any one item at Michaels on my phone and I use those to get a single marker here and there. I wish they had a better selection because I would be there everyday getting one at a time lol! Anyways, I was looking into the sets as well, and one thing I noticed is that there are duplicates between sets. So, if you get A and B there might be some of the same markers in both sets. I would just really look at what you are buying before you purchase them. However, like I said I have no idea where to start either- so here I am plucking away at one at a time just sort of guessing in the dark lol. I do want to start getting all the copics that match Gina's inks but thats about it lol.. I do wish you luck! Oh, and by the looks of how you colored your fairy- wow girl! you could go far with those markers!! 

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