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There's Spectrum Noir markers too. Similar to Copics.

If you really would like to use copic markers and find them too expensive, what I would suggest is to look at some websites that have images using copics. You will find some that tell you what copics they used for the images. Try to pick and buy 3 at a time that compliment each other ( like 3 brown shades, blues, greens, reds etc ). That way you can build up a collection slowly. I'm sure Gina has some copic videos where she uses a few different shades of colors. I hope this helps.

I have always loved to color...very relaxing!  How I color is not artistic melding of colors together.

For coloring stamped images with added paper piecing , I use Bic Marks Alot. Not much for investment, so I have many colors to use. I also bought some Memento markers -----They match the ink pads I already own and are median price.

Hi Denise,

I mix many different alcohol marker brands.  I have the most Promarkers and love them.  They now come with a brush tip and they also have a micro tip for very small and delicate work.  They blend beautifully with Copics of which I have about a dozen that are in special colors that I either can't get in the Promarkers or that I use for special blending like skin or shadow.  I also do as Gina K does and use my Bic markers for some coloring.  They really all play well together as long as they are all alcohol markers.

Buy what your budget can afford and enjoy the process of coloring without guilt.

Cheryl aka, Foreveraftercrafter

I use some Copics, but also have Bic Mark-It permanent markers.  Got them in the school section at WalMart for a reasonable price, and they blend well.  Thing I don't like about either kind is that they bleed through, so I have to use layers to cover that up.  Otherwise they color great!  Judy

I use Gina K 120# white and it doesn't bleed through. Actually I only use Gina K papers for my card making. I love the quality.
Sue Foss

I love pro markers, they are made in England. They flow beautifully and blend well and also don't cover up the design underneath. Copic markers are great but I think these are a good option plus they are not quite as expensive.

Gina demonstrated Bic markers in her video. I tried and loved them. Other brands from box stores seem darker than cap colors.


Spectrum Noir as as good as Copics and have refills just like Copics.  They are less expensive but are also interchangeable with the Copics.  I have had mine since they came out and although at first there were a few problems with them the company quickly addressed the issues.  I love them and find I use about 20 - 22 colors per card.  Copics have a lot more colors than the Spectrum Noir but once you buy all the Noirs you have a great range of color,  There are so many different products out there and it is personal choice as to which is the best.  I still love my Prismacolor pencils and watercoloring with them.  So many different mediums that give beautiful results. Just have fun with them all.
Nora Carter said:

I use Spectrum Noir Pens and bic markers. Probably not as good as Copics but I am very pleased with results. I will try to post a project with these. I cannot justify the cost of the copics.

I have both the Copics and Spectrum Noir. I definitely recommend the Copics over anything else because they blend beautifully. The Spectrum Noir are ok but I don't feel they blend nearly as well. Michael's do carry some of the refill inks but not many. To refill you merely pull out the chisel nib with a pair of tweezers and refill. Very easy to do.


I like Spectrum Noir quite well.  They too are refillable, have replacement nibs and were less costly from my research.  I found them at Joann's in 6 pack  colour kits for $14.99 and used a 40% off coupon each time I got a kit.  They have larger packs of 24 available too to complete the range of colours.  They have a blending pen as well which makes colouring values lay in nicely.

Spectrum Noir has just come out with a new formula that's supposed to blend better than the old. I have the set of old ones, and I like them fine, but they don't blend as well as Copics. However, for the price, they are a nice alternative. If you haven't bought any SNs yet, then you will get the ones with the new formula. I'd like to know if they are that much better.

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