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Hi friends,

My old Kodak point and shoot (with tons of settings I don't use) is nearing the end of its life.

I would like to pick your experience for replacing it. I love easy to use, easy to hold (like the slr bodies) with flash, indoor and outdoor close ups (cards and flowers, birds and sunsets) not much need for fast motion shots.


Any of your experience is greatly appreciated. I am not a camera wiz and don't use manual settings.

Thank you!!!


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Rosy, I used to use an Olympus - cost over $2,000 about 14 years ago. (I bought it because I was writing magazine articles and had to supply my own pics.)

These days I use my iPhone. The pictures are clear, and the resolution is higher than my $2,000 camera!

Mine is a Panasonic Lumix point and shoot. I think I got it for around $200 on Amazon. I'm sure I could take better photos if I took the time to learn all the settings, but I never get around to it. 

Thank you ladies. Well, I don't have an iPhone, so will check out the Lumix point and shoot for now. And again - many thanks for sharing!!!

I love my Nikon Coolpix L110.  I believe it was around-ish $300.  I'm STILL learning settings....but I also have a pretty good lightbox hubby built after seeing the one Sean's hubby built him!  It's WAY cool!  And super easy and not very expensive!  So that plus Photoshop Elements (the cheap version of Photoshop) my pics are pretty good.  But I'm like Theresa and I still need to learn actual settings on my camera to make them better.  Hope that helps Sweet Rosy!!!

Hi Lee - thanks so much! I had a new Nikon Coolpix and sent it to our granddaughter. I'm glad you have a lightbox :) I've seen different diagrams online. But I will look up photoshop elements - I don't know what that is! Thank you so much for contributing!

What kind of a lightbox are you talking about?  I have a light table that I use for calligraphy, but I'm sure that's not what you mean.  I also have a Nikon Coolpix and it takes very nice pictures, even though it's relatively inexpensive.

Hi Janet - it's a box like device that is almost all white (or any color I suppose) with lighting. You place your object or card inside and the light is shining onto the back or sides which reflects onto the card for photo shoots. If you google it, you can see all kinds of them. Thanks for joining in!

Janet....they can be homemade in so many ways too.  Some use cereal boxes cut up and taped together and then lined with white cardstock....others are built with wood and then lined with foil and backed with white cardstock (like mine).  And then you usually use 3 lights so you minimize shadows.  Rosy is can google it and see a lot of different types, including ones you can buy.

I have a Nikon Coolpix L22 which has an Easy Auto mode setting and with the use of a white paper lined boot box as a light box I get pretty nice photos of my cards. I think I paid about $100 for the camera. Works for me. Takes AA size batteries. It is 12.0 megapixels and has a 3.6x zoom.

Thank you so much Verna and everyone - really giving me lots of ideas :)

Hi Rosy!  I use a Sony Cyber-shot.  It has an Easy setting (point and shoot), manual settings, and takes video.  The prices vary, but most in the series are under $500.

I hadn't thought about the light box!  I'm going to look into making one too.

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