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Just spend the evening in the hospital.

I noticed at 5:30 pm local time that the left eye of my 5 year old daughter Cayleigh didn't close when she blinked her eyes and that the left side of her mouth didn't moved like the other side did. That spooked me and after a quick bite for dinner the three of us left to the hospital. They checked her eyes, ears and the strenght of her bite on both sides and diagnosed her with Bell's palsy. An acute facial nerve paralysis.

Wow, that shocked us! They gave us medications and we have to protect her eye for becoming dry with an ointment(? don't know if this is the right word in english). The doctor will call us tomorrow to ask how she's doing and we have to come back tuesday 19th. Don't know how long it will take for her to recover. I have read on internet that it can take from several weeks to months. And that about 85% recovers completely, so lets hope this will count for her too.

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Keeping you all in my prayers, Debbie.

Praying for a complete recovery for your daughter, Cayleigh.  Give her a hug from me.



Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and hugs. It really worked. Cayleigh is almost completely recovered. That's really fast and i know that also happened because of all of you. We went to see the childrens doctor in the hospital today and we don't have to come back anymore. Cayleigh was really relieved and happy because she isn't a big fan of doctors, LOL! We are also very happy and relieved. :)  

This is wonderful news Debbie..... So glad that Cayleigh had recovered!


Has the Dr discussed the possibility of Lyne disease as the cause? I don't mean to alarm you, but I am a Lyme sufferer and it was not caught early so treatment is long and slow. Early diagnosis is essential. Bell's palsy is a red flag for Lyme disease. A friend of mine had bell's palsy, it went away, some time later she had a stroke. She recovered and then a few years later went on to developed MS symptoms. For 10 years she lived with this diagnosis before finding out it was Lyme disease all along. Please google bell's palsy and Lyme disease. If she does have Lyme you want to get her started on treatment as soon as possible for a successful recovery. Praying for you and your daughter. 

Debbie Rogers said:

How scary this must be for you! Prayers for your daughter & family during this difficult time. May she make a full recovery very soon!


Hi Laurie.

The dr has given Cayleigh prednisolon when he diagnosed bell's palsy to speed up her recovery. She also recently had chickenpox and a few of those pox were in her ear so he said this was the virus that caused it. Thank you for your concern, i really appreciate it. :)

Hi Debbie,

I sure hope for your daughter's sake that your Dr. is right.

To be honest, I am still concerned. People can be infected with Lyme bacteria and remain symptom free for months or even years. Then they suffer an injury, illness or stress which weakens their immune system which allows the Lyme bacteria to take hold in the body and then Lyme symptoms begin to appear. My concern is this; did the Chickenpox cause the Bell's palsy or did the Chickenpox weaken the immune system, allowing an underlying infection to take hold and thereby cause the Bell's Palsy?

I am not trying to frighten you, I only want to ensure that your daughter is not at risk and never has to suffer like myself or other with Lyme. If you would like me to email you an extensive list of symptoms to watch for, i would be happy to do so.

If there is a chance that your daughter could possibly have Lyme, then I am even more concerned that her Dr has prescribed a steroid drug, as that is the worst thing he could do for a Lyme patient. Steroids suppress the immune system allowing Lyme to flourish even more, making things worse, not better.

Do you recall your daughter ever having a bulls eye type rash or a bad summer time flu?

Hi Laurie,

Cayleigh has never had a bulls eye type of rash or a bad summer time flu, but i would love to get a list of symptoms from you. Then i know what to look for. I will leave my e-mail adress on your page. And thank you so much for your concern. {{{HUGS}}}

I am so happy to hear that Cayleigh is recovering so quickly!   By the way, I am a Laboratory Technologist and the Lyme test is a simple blood test.
I'm so sorry this happened to your child.  (yes, that is the right english word) and we will be praying for her.  :/

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