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Just spend the evening in the hospital.

I noticed at 5:30 pm local time that the left eye of my 5 year old daughter Cayleigh didn't close when she blinked her eyes and that the left side of her mouth didn't moved like the other side did. That spooked me and after a quick bite for dinner the three of us left to the hospital. They checked her eyes, ears and the strenght of her bite on both sides and diagnosed her with Bell's palsy. An acute facial nerve paralysis.

Wow, that shocked us! They gave us medications and we have to protect her eye for becoming dry with an ointment(? don't know if this is the right word in english). The doctor will call us tomorrow to ask how she's doing and we have to come back tuesday 19th. Don't know how long it will take for her to recover. I have read on internet that it can take from several weeks to months. And that about 85% recovers completely, so lets hope this will count for her too.

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I will keep your daughter in my prayers.
You have my sympathy Debbie, it must be very frightening.  The prognosis sounds good though so hopefully she will make a complete recovery

Debbie, I will be praying for her for a complete recovery. My brother had this few years ago, he had it because of so much stress at work, but he full recovered in a month.



Debbie, I will pray for your daughter!  I pray for completed healing!  I have a friend who had this & he did recover completely.
We will keep your daughter in our prayers at my faith community.  The younger children are they can recover quicker than those of us that are more mature from some of these unusual illnesses.  Blessings to you and your entire family during her recovery period.
Sending you and yours lots of giant healing hugs!!!
Thank you all for your prayers, thoughts and hugs. Cayleigh is thankfully still the happy girl she always is and it really helps me to read that so many people completely recover from this. :)  
My father was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy years ago - back then they told us 95% of folks recover so that it is almost not noticeable.  Unfortunately, my father was not one of them, but he was obviously a lot older than your daughter when he was diagnosed.  I also had a teacher in high school that was diagnosed and he recovered nearly completely.  I am optimistic that she will be fine and will continue to send happy and positive thoughts and prayers your way.  :)
Debbie, I will pray for Cayleigh.  ((((HUGS))))))
We will keep your daughter in our prayers.  Keep the faith God is good all the time.  May God Bless you and your family
My prayers are with your daughter for a full recovery and with you.  It is so hard to see our little ones go through any kind of hurt.

How scary this must be for you! Prayers for your daughter & family during this difficult time. May she make a full recovery very soon!


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