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Anyone interested in a fall/winter Gina K Swap? Check this for details!

I have hosted three swaps with Gina K stamps here on StampTV.


The first swap has 43 spots that were signed up and 31 cards actually arrived.

Round 2 had 19 spots and 15 were sent in.

Round 3 that ended in June, had 24 spots signed up and 20 cards were sent.


Are they takers if I post a round 4 sometime later this summer with the due date the middle to end of October to get some awesome fall and winter creations?  If so, post here or send me a message.  If you are not on my "friend list", please invite me and note that you want to be included in the next Gina K Swap.  For round 2 and 3, I  have sent invites via the message board on StampTV to let previous swappers and those new ones interested that the swap is posted.


Thanks for checking this out--Have a great day--Barb

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I'm ready for another swap Barb!

OK--we've got one taker!
I'll sign up.
I would be interested again.
I would like to give it a try, Barb
OK--so Debra, Christine and Mary Catherine are also interested. I think that is a good start.........................

I will plan to post sometime later this month, with the due date maybe like October 13th or so.

If you have added me as a friend, you will get a message when I post it. If you have not added me--please do so.

Thanks, Barb
Hi Barb!
sign me up please.
I've recently got an account with USPS and have already got several prepaid Priority envelopes and boxes - so I don't have any more shipping problems.
I think I may be good enough to join this swap.
YEAH--Alita is with us again and I know that Kathy is ready to go (and I am sure she is good enough)

I will post in a week or so--but the date they will be due is October 13th for sure--get it on your calendar.
Round 4 is now posted--check the other thread in the forum.


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