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often times I want to enter a comment on the blogs for all designers. then because I don't have an account and don'''t want one with Google and such, I can't put my entry on the blogger site. So enter as anonymous. It is very frustrating. Why do you need to have all these accounts, and why can't you just do as we do here within the comment section? help, please. thank you.

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Well, girls you have given me some good information about Google, so I think I need to reconsider and blog with them. Now need to watch where and how to do that? HMMMMMM,  thanks friends.

Pattie, if you are unsure about leaving your home email account open to things on Google, then you should create a hotmail or yahoo email account (free) and use that when you open your Google account. That's what I did. I hope this helps.

Thanks Susan I sure will consider that option.

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