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often times I want to enter a comment on the blogs for all designers. then because I don't have an account and don'''t want one with Google and such, I can't put my entry on the blogger site. So enter as anonymous. It is very frustrating. Why do you need to have all these accounts, and why can't you just do as we do here within the comment section? help, please. thank you.

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Pattie, it's funny that you posted this today because I was just thinking it this morning.  I think there were about 5 designers that I couldn't post comments for because of that.  It either wants a Google account or URL and I don't have one.  I do wish there were an easier way too. Thanks for posting!

thanks Regina, I thought I was the only one. Hope other answer and we can get things changed.  hugs.

I, too, experienced the same problem but finally up for the google account.  It's a free option and I really only use the account for leaving comments on blogs.  Makes things a. lot easier

It may be free,  but I don't care to join Google. they have other problems I don't care to get involved with. Guess I am odd, everybody seems to belong to google. must be another way to do this. If they leave anonymous on the list options you can enter a comment , but all don't.  appreciate you input.

I know I have my blog comment section set to "anyone" including anonymous. However, bloggers also deal with a good bit of spam and have to adjust our blog comments from time to time.

thanks Jennie, I answered on your blog with the anonymous. I found your achievement on the Beate Johns blog, this morning and was so happy for you on the new team. tried to answer all the other girls but not able to on some for this blog problem. I don;t mind putting my first name and then email that isn't shown. but that won't go through without belonging to the google etc. Maybe the information could be passed on to change something to make it work for all. thanks so much for answering.

We've tried to make commenting streamlined and simple...but there are some blog settings and blog providers that just don't work as easily that way.  Please don't ever feel like you have to get to every single blog or keep trying to comment when these issues arise.  We totally understand these things happen and really want everyone to enjoy the eye candy whether they comment or not!

thanks so much Lee, I will keep that in mind. I just appreciate you all so much, and want to encourage. have a good week-end. Hugs and smiles.

You bet Pattie!  And your comments are so appreciated!!!  Hugs backatcha!

I don't want to belong to another thing either, BUT I did sign up for a Google account and I NEVER have an issue with them.  The only time I have to log on to it, is if I have gone X amount of hours/days without commenting on someone's talented blog, which hardly ever happens! 

You can always leave your name and your email in the blog way, such as craftychic(at)verizon(dot)net.  That way I don't think it can be picked up by a spammer easily.

I finally became a member of Google and only use it for blogging too. I have not had any problems with them and if they do ask me to do more things I can always decline which I do. I found that it is free and I can limit as to what I use it for.

I have had a Google acct. for years, just so I could comment on blogs. No problems, what so ever. Google has not been intrusive in the least. Not having 'anonymous' keeps the spammers away, since spammers prefer to be anonymous. Bloggers love receiving comments and despise spam.  A Google acct. just makes everything easier.

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