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Looking for another printer as mine does not work with the paper which I really like for my cards.  Thanks for the help.  Joan

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I have an all in one Epson and did have a problem at first but started just printing one page at a time and it is finally working now.  Like many of you, I like to print more than one but I find sometimes that the 120 lb. weight is a little too thick. 

I have an Epson artisan 835 and it will not take even single sheets as it is not a straight through printer,  I have tried lots of times. My old printer Epson Stylus RX580 was a straight thru one.  Thanks for your answer,

I have an Epson XP-810 all-in-one that feeds all heavy paper quite well, feeding it thru the rear paper feeder slot one sheet at a time.  It is time consuming on bigger jobs, but there is no jam-ups at all.

Joan, after much investigation I bought an Epson Work Force-3540, which is an all-in-one. However before buying I took someone's suggestion and took several sheets of my various paper to Office Depot and asked them to run the paper through the various printers. The 3540 took all of my cardstock, even the Neenah paper which is a tad heavier than Gina's 120#. It took all of my papers. I recommend going to your local printer store and asking them to test the printers you are interested in with your cardstock. As someone told me, if they refuse, take your business else where. I love, love, love my 3540 and it wasn't all that expensive at $199. Good luck.

BTW, you may have to feed only one sheet of the heavier cardstock through at a time, but you can play with it to find out how it works best. I put a sheet of cardstock on top of 4 or 5 sheets of printer paper to get it to feed properly.

Thanks so much.  Actually was looking at the Epson Work Force 3540 and it appeared like it might take the paper.  That will be on my list along with your good suggestion on trying out the paper.

I have an Epson XP-800 that takes the 120# paper very well using the rear feed feature.  All of the other weights go through the regular feed tray.

I have an Epson WF3540 and it does take the paper okay.

thanks for all your input.  Love to make one layer cards so really needed to be able to print with this paper,

Pam Glenn said:

I have an Epson WF3540 and it does take the paper okay.

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