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A few months ago someone asked Gina what kind of tape runner she used in order to be certain that her cards won't fall apart in a few months.  If I recall correctly, Gina said that Dot 'n' Roller was her tape runner of choice.  But Dot 'n' Roller has since been discontinued (unless someone can find a source for me that I haven't found during my own search).  Does anyone have any suggestions about currently manufactured adhesives that are still reliable for the life of a card.  I used Duck Brand Adhesive Roller for awhile, but that's recently been "improved" and now it's not nearly as easy to use.  Please someone, HELP! 

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I, too, recently purchased the ATG gun.  I love it.  Like everyone says it is large but I have adapted to it quickly.  It works so smoothly and effortlessly.  I used the glue glider pro for a long time then I started having problems with it binding up inside the gun and became very difficult to use.  I returned two refills back to the store where I purchased it and explained what was happening.  The manager said he would contact the company and let them know of the problem.  It was such a great product for a long time.  I hope they work out the problem.  Has anyone else had this simular problem using the glue glider pro gun?
Yes I have had issues with that GGP as well, it seems as if the tape gets wound too tightly inside and does not roll out smoothly like when you first start using it.   I did contact Glue Arts and they were very helpful, sending a new cartridge and mailer for the troubled ones, seems like a great Company.  I just found their refills becoming too expensive, reg price of $9.99 for only 40 feet.  I just can't beat the price on the ATG refills!  I also keep some AdTech tape runners in the craft room too, handy little things!
Hi, Donna. I've been meaning to get the ATG 'gun' thingy? But, its sooo expensive! My question is, if I were to get it, can I use other tape brands as a refill or do I have to specifically get their own brand to refill? Cuz I don't exactly have accesss to Michaels's here in Singapore! lol Thanks, Rohana

Donna said:
My sister turned me on to the ATG and the refills are a fraction of the cost of any other I have tried (glue glider pro, adtech, etc.) 2 refills = 72 yards for the reuglar price of $5.99 at Michael's (use a % off coupon and WOW!)  I don't know if it will last an eternity, but it is from Scotch Brand, they must know something about adhesive.  They also have an acid free/photo safe refill pack for the regular price of $9.99.
I would say no.  It's a pretty big roll of tape that would probably only fit into the large ATG.  I wonder if you can order off line from somewhere.  Do a *google* search for online retailers.  I wish you luck!

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