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Good morning,

Yesterday 3/7/2017 I had an issue with my account, I went to add a comment on a card and was ask to register for STAMP TV again.  Which I had already an account, I have done all the challenges from the beginning of the year.  I had a gallery and had won two of the challenges.  Now I have nothing as if I am just now starting.   Did anyone one else have this issue.  Will or can my gallery be put back.  I signed back up with same email and password.   

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I know that ning has had some issues lately too, but let us look into what we an find out and get back to you on it all. 

Debbie, Send me a private message with your user name and email address and I will look into it for you.

Thanks everyone for Helping me, not sure what happened.  But issue is resolved.  Thanks again.

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