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My dad is in his last few days (pancreatic cancer plus other complications). He was diagnosed Christmas eve and we thought we had several months but the decline has been very rapid. My mom, husband, brother, and I are doing round the clock care with my dad. He is 88 and ready to go home to be with his Lord so even though we will miss him terribly, we will be happy for him. He has been a wonderful father and husband. Very hard to see him suffer. Please pray for us. He and my mom have been married 68 years. What a void in her life this will be.
I have never met any of you but so wonderful to know that you will be praying for and with us.
I will miss doing cards for awhile and checking out all the wonderful art but will be back as soon as I can. It is therapeutic for me.
Thank you again in advance for your love and prayers.

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{{{{Marsha}}}} Many hugs and prayers...
Thoughts and prayers going out to you and yours, Marsha. May the Lord be merciful and take away your Dad's suffering.
Oh sweetie - I've been in a similar situation and I know first hand how very difficult this time is for you and your family. You are in my prayers for peace and comfort only He can give. Hugs!
Blessings and love to you and your family Marsha. Peace to your Dad as he makes his final journey. You'll all be in my prayers.
{{{hugs}}} Marsha! May God be right by your side uplifting you and comforting you during this most trying time. I know what it's like to have a parent's health fail - you're right to be happy he will no longer be suffering and soon will be present with the Lord and you will see him again!
Certainly will add you to my prayer list Marsha...I cannot imagine and pray the Lord brings about comfort/peace to you all.
Hi Marsha, I think most of us have had a loved one pass away from cancer, so you are not alone. May the peace of the Lord Jesus fill your heart and mind. God bless you during this difficult time!
Marsha, I'm so sorry.....all my thoughts and prayers are to you and your family......Just remember
"God see him and know he's getting tired, so He will wrap his loving arms around him and whisper "Come with Me my good and faithful servant"
More hugs and prayers coming your way!!!!
Marsha my prayers are with you and your family. How happy and painless he will be when the lord receives him.
I will keep you in my prayers! My parents and my in-laws (who I love dearly) are all still with us and well into their 80s. We are very lucky but know that the day is coming where we will have to say our good-byes. God be with you and your family through this transition from life to "everlasting life".
I'll be praying for strength for you to minister to you dad and mom and Comfort for all of you. God bless you

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