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A Message from Gina K. about our Color Companions Ink Pads

If you have any questions, please post them here in this thread.

We will answer them as quickly as possible.

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Can't expect anything better than that! And I am not at all surprised at Gina's response. Haven't ordered any yet because I've been on vacation, but plan to shortly, when colors I want are all back in stock. Thanks Gina for always being number 1 in sales and customer service. You are much appreciated.

Amazing!  I ordered one of each when they first came out. I noticed the Cherry Red didn't cover as well as normal -- kind of figured it was probably something I was doing!  I just checked my pads and yes, a couple aren't as "solid", but it hasn't caused me any problems, so am not worried about it.  I went to my husband, told him what you are doing and said, "this is why I like ordering from and following Gina K Designs -- they are so quality oriented!"  I am an avid fan and tell anyone I can about your site and store.  Thank you!  You never disappoint!



wow. I was already one of your biggest fans, now...... thank you so much. God bless

Gina K. said:


No, there is nothing you have to do, however, you will be getting a replacement set, just in case. Not every ink pad was affected and it sounds like you may be one of the lucky ones. :)

We decided that instead of having customers call, email or send anything back, we would just replace all of the pads so that everyone has ones that we know are perfect.


Gina K.

Nora Carter said:

I ordered one of every color of your ink pads and I just opened and checked every one of them I see no visible issues, is there something I should be concerned about?.

I just got my ink pads today. I am thrilled they arrived so soon. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get inky with them and I plan to try them with the alcohol type inks too. That way I will know for myself if they work. But I do have a question for you. Should one store them upside down? I had heard that ink pads will keep the ink at the surface if you do that. And, thanks for the extra call from customer service to let me know the red hot color was back in as well as the rest of the pads. Now I am up to speed with all of the new line that you have come out with so far. So thanks so much.

I received my replacement ink pads in yesterday's mail.  True to your word, I received all 7 I ordered.  Thank you so much!  Your customer service, not to mention your integrity, are amazing!!  Thanks again!


I was so surprised when I got a package in the mail today.  I  was expecting one ink pad replacement and received replacements for all the ink pads I had ordered.  This company really goes above and beyond the call of duty.  Thank you, Gina!  I agree with Cheryl, "Gina K Rocks!".

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