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Hey y'all!  We are aware that on some blogs some cant comment.  Due to those 'recaptcha' thingy or to check if you are not a robot!  This is something through Blogger.  I personally have done what I can and it still shows up to some for the check box about the not being a robot thing, lol!  BUT, we want you to know, we will work around that and it will still be fair to all!  Thanks for being understanding! 


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Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering why I could not comment on Lisa Hetrick's bog. Maybe that is the case then.

The only one I had a problem with was yesterday on  Arjita's and saw several peeps had commented more than once. After several attempts and apologized on the last time I tried I went on to the next blog. I looked today and it looks like it was fixed.

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