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Welcome Back to year 2 of our YEARLY MIUM!!

Majority seemed to enjoy this year long challenge so we decided to do it all again!  Everything about it is the same, just dates or how many in a month there is.

Also, this will start on FEB 6th's challenge!


We are going to have a prize for one person at the end of this year that has participated in ALL MIUM challenges! The prize package you ask? Well, it is a good one! A $100 Gift Certificate to Gina K Designs!How awesome is that!!?

All you have to do is come back and play with us every week in the MIUM challenges. They are posted in the This Week's Challenge Forum :

This Week's Challenge Forum

either late Sunday night or on Monday morning, same as usual. Everything is just the same, this is an extra bonus!


February--4 MIUMs (Feb 6th is first one!)

March--4 MIUMs

April--4 MIUMs

May--5 MIUMs

June-- 4 MIUMs

July -- 5 MIUMs

August -- 4 MIUMs

September-- 4 MIUMs

October -- 5 MIUMs

MIUMs November -- 4 MIUMs

December -- 4 MIUMs

(think of it like this...its only ONE card a week!) 

if we do not have one that played in all 47 challenges, then we will go down to 46 MIUM challenges done, choose from all who did 46 of the challenges. Sound like fun? We hope so! This is just something fun, that we hope inspires you to create. (and of course, use those Gina K Stamps! :D) If you have any questions, feel free to post here or you can message me or any of the other mods too! Remember, this starts on February 6th, 2017!

p.s. all regulary challenge rules apply also!

Just to clarify:

1.  You will have to use all Gina K Design stamps, same rules as the normal MIUM challenges, to be eligible for the end of year prize.  Ex....If you use GKD stamps on 46 challenges, and then use some other companies stamps for 1 challenge, you cannot be eligible for the end of year prize either.

2.  To make this even easier for all, let's say you miss a weekly MIUM's deadline...but, dont worry!  you can still get that card in to be eligible for the end of year prize (using all GKD products)!!  Basically, the only deadline we will have on this part, to win the prize, is to have the card in by the end of year date that will be given as the year comes to a close.

Hope that helps everyone!

Looking forward to another fun year with all of y'all!!!  Can't wait to be inspired by everyone too! 

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Okay I am going to do this!  Let's just call it my New Year's Resolution lol  Thanks, Cat!

I'm in ~_^

Was late in the game for last years challenge, but I'm looking forward to keeping up with this year's challenge.

Awesome!  I wasn't sure I would hit every week last year, but around November I realized it wasn't as difficult as I thought.  I will give it a try again this year.

I'm really going to try to stay with it this year. Last year I missed one, then another and before I realized it, the end of the year had rolled around and I was way too far behind to catch up. I did enjoy everyone else's challenge cards though and commented on as many as I could.

I'm in again! Need the weekly challenge to keep me motivated! Thanks Cat for all you do for all for us!
Wow, this is such an amazing challenge! I am not sure if I will make it (I did not last year!) but I may give it a go! Very generous to offer the prizes for both weekly and yearly challenges!

Yay...ready to play in Round 2..this really helps to keep me motivate to participate.  Thanks Gina and design team for continuing  the weekly challenges.

What is challenge today? The whole year thing was starting today. What types card do we make for today challenge? Thanks Linda Littlepage

I loved it last year and definitely in it again.  It really helped me focus.  A few trips will get in the way , unfortunately, heading to Florida a week from today, so I will start off the year being late.

Well I made it last year and hopefully will be able to do the same for this one. Can't see this weeks challenge yet which is unusual as it is normally up by this time of day.

Its not up ATM, but Karen will be getting that up this afternoon!

Johanna Rundell said:

Well I made it last year and hopefully will be able to do the same for this one. Can't see this weeks challenge yet which is unusual as it is normally up by this time of day.

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